Now Paradox Does Humble Bundle

Paradox Interactive are the latest publisher to jump aboard the Humble train. This week’s Humble Weekly Sale has just launched, featuring several Mac-compatible titles for the grand price of pay what you want:

  • Europa Universalis
  • Leviathan: Warships
  • Dungeonland
  • The Showdown Effect
  • Crusader Kings II (though you’ll have to beat the average for that one)

Plus a smattering of Windows-only games. As always, the soundtracks are included, and you get to decide how much of it goes to Paradox vs the assorted charities. Unlike the Origin bundle, it does seem that Paradox want to make some money out of this, but also unlike the Origin bundle, at least here they’re offering games that actually work on modern Macs. If you’re really excited about the bundle, you can hand over at least $125 and get almost all of Paradox’s catalog (but not the DLC or Europa Universalis IV).

As of right now, us Mac mavens are paying less than Linux lovers on average, but more than Windows wa***rs at least.


Your thoughts on this?