Mountain Lion now available

The latest Mac OS, 10.8 “Mountain Lion” is now available from the Mac App Store.

New features include a Game Center application that doesn’t appear to work very well*, iCloud integration, a notification center and more. In keeping with tradition, there are also some seemingly arbitrary changes just to confuse users, such as renaming the Address Book to “Contacts”, and ensuring that a lot of applications you download now won’t work.

The good news is I’ve been testing most of the Mac games listed on our site, and they all seem to be compatible with the 10.8. As I’ve mentioned previously, the graphics drivers seem to have been given some TLC, so that’s a definite plus.

You can upgrade via the Mac App Store, but if you’ve bought any Mac hardware on or after June 11, you can fill out a form and get it for free.

OS 10.8 Mountain Lion

*Judging by the development version I’ve been running, which appears to be the same as the final version– but I’ll be doing a clean install just to be sure. More on that later.


Your thoughts on this?