Steam 2012 Summer Sale

Steam’s Summer Sale is now on. In case you’re unfamiliar with their Summer sales, it basically means that a lot of their catalog will be available at an extremely low price (75% off in some cases) until the end of the sale (July 22nd).

As with previous Summer sales, many games are reduced for the duration of the sale, with some of those being individually discounted each day. There are also several bundles of games (from specific publishers) that you can pick up at a deep discount. New this year are “flash sales”, which are individual games at a discount for a short time, with new games added every 8 hours, and you get to vote on which games get added next. Previously there have also been special in-game bonuses to be had, but there’s no sign of anything similar this year right now.

The vast majority of discounted games are of course Windows-only, but there are several notable Mac games in the mix, such as:

  • Portal 2
  • Crusader Kings II
  • Indie Bundle 1
  • Spacechem
  • Killing Floor
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • King’s Bounty
  • Telltale’s games

Update: Savygamer is keeping track of all the games on offer throughout the sale.


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