MacHeist Bundles Games and Applications

The MacHeist bundles have been going on for a while, and though the focus tends to be on bundling popular applications together, this time around there’s a good mix of (mostly Telltale) games in there too.

The price is fixed at $29 for the whole bundle, with 25% going to a number of charities. There’s a twist though, which is that some of the software is only unlocked if a certain number of bundles are sold (25,000). At the time of writing, around 7,500 bundles have been sold, and the deal is running until October 26 (I don’t see any real disadvantage until waiting to see if the 25,000 limit is reached before committing to buy).

The games on offer are:

Note that all the games, with the exception of Bioshock 2 will require Steam for activation. The following software is also included:

There’s a whopping 20 minute, somewhat hammy video below with all the details.


Your thoughts on this?