Looks Like Dead Island is coming to Mac

Update: see below.

The latest AAA game to make its way unannounced to Macs is Dead Island. It appeared in Steam users’ Mac libraries today (with a corresponding Steam Database entry), albeit in encrypted form, requiring a beta password to actually play it.

The game, which revolves around a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse stranded on a tropical island, caused a bit of a storm before it was released, with a trailer that captured the tragedy of a zombie outbreak, though not having any bearing on how the final game would play. Tom Senior described that game as “he most fun you can have with an electrified cleaver and a sack of wet, walking flesh”.

There’s no information as to when the Mac version of the game might be released, though we’ve reached out to Deep Silver for comment, and will update this post if we hear any more. Full credit to the otherwise reticent Deep Silver, with this making their second AAA release for Mac OS X in as many months (though hopefully the port will be slightly better this time around). Meanwhile, here’s a trailer that captures the tragedy of a zombie outbreak without having any bearing on how the game actually plays.


Your thoughts on this?