Leap Motion Controller is Kinect for Macs

The Leap Motion Controller looks absolutely amazing. Judging by the demonstration video (below), it will be possible to control a Mac without moving a mouse or touching anything.

The original inspiration behind Leap Motion came from our frustration with 3D modeling. Molding clay took 10 seconds in real life but 30 minutes with a computer. The mouse and keyboard were simply getting in the way. Since available technology couldn’t solve our problems, we created the Leap Motion controller.

Typing? Seriously? That’s fine for writing a novel. But it’s hardly the most natural, intuitive way to communicate. The ability to control any application with nuanced hand and finger movements is already transforming the way we interact with computers. And we’re just getting started.

First announced in May 2012, the controller is available for pre-order now at a reasonable $69.99, due to ship “early 2013″. It’s set to be shipped with new Asus (Windows) PCs, and will have its own app store. How well it will work with OS X, remains to be seen of course, but by the look of it, it could have come directly out of Cupertino (not to mention that an iMac features predominantly in the demo video).

(via Wired)


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