Kerbal Space Demo

Impossibly cute yet insanely complex rocketship builder Kerbal Space Program has a (new) Mac demo out. It’s a lovely thing to have to while away some hours on a MacBook, with characters you just want to cuddle, and plenty of bits and bobs to tinker with in your quest to travel to the stars.

The demo should give you an idea of just how cute/complex the game is, but comes with some restrictions:

  • Part loading limited to the 25 stock ones.
  • No Plugin loading.
  • SPH and Runway Facilities are unnaccessible.
  • Only one save profile allowed.
  • Cannot launch new flights if 3 or more are already in progress.
  • Kerbin, the Mun and the Sun are the only celestial bodies in the solar system.

The current version of the game (which this demo is based on) is available to buy direct from the developers, and there are already loads of mods available. There’s still no sign of an official release date, though the game is certainly playable in its current state.

(via RPS)


Your thoughts on this?