Guns of Icarus vs Hurricane Sandy

Muse Games, developers of airship-based multiplayer Guns of Icarus Online will be hosting an event, with all proceeds going to charity NY Cares. The New York-based developers, who “have seen Sandy’s effects first-hand” will be selling in-game items, “with 100% of their proceeds donated” to the charity:

Hurricane Sandy hurt a lot of people and we tried our hardest to find a way to help those affected. We made two items over the weekend where all the proceeds will go help those suffering.  While we are still trying to regroup after Sandy, we ended up very lucky. Our office may still not have internet, but we still have our homes and our lives and we want to do everything we can to help those who weren’t so lucky. Howard volunteered at The Rockaways in New York which was hit very hard and we’re hoping the proceeds from the new item will help alleviate some of the suffering people are going through.

There are also some other changes coming to the game, such as “match persistence”, so that you can stay with the same crew at the end of a match, some rebalancing, and a new system of unlocks.


Your thoughts on this?