Gratuitous Space Outcasts

Positech Games have been posting several updates about an upcoming expansion for Gratuitous Space Battles, dubbed “Outcasts”. In a recent blog post, developer Cliffski talks about the visual and thematic influences of the new race:

The new race is called the outcasts, and they are cybernetic types with a chip on their shoulder about biology. Think ‘the founders’ from DS9 but with a hatred of biologicals rather than solids.  In terms of visual design, they like their ships to be saucer shaped, with some exposed pipework and no shortage of engines or big glowy regions

Big glowy regions are of course always appreciated in space, and the new ships will also have speed advantages and better frigates. There’ll also be several new module types available:

  1. Cruiser Decoy projector (see video here): This is a way that cruisers can project a fake cruiser hologram in front of them to lure enemy weapons away from the real fleet. bwahahahaha.
  2. Frigate 2-stage missiles (see video here): These start off slow, then accelerate (like a javelin missile) to make them hard to shoot down.
  3. Frigate multi-point tractor beam: These puppies can grab up to three different targets (probably fighters) at once. Oh yes.
  4. Frigate Pulse Gun: A new fast-firing laser-salvo gun that acts like a souped up ion cannon.
  5. Frigate Sniper Laser: Super-long-range frigate beam laser that allows them to snipe at the enemy from the safety of the main battle line for the first time.
  6. Solar Power Collector: A special frigate power generator module that beats all the others. Possibly frees up an extra slot for crew./shields/armor.

There’ll also be new artwork and music to accompany the addon, which doesn’t have a release date yet. Cliffski is actively encouraging fans to participate in the forums if they’d like to discuss the proposed changes.


Your thoughts on this?