Game of the Year 2012: #5

Making its way to the top 5 best Mac games of the year is:


So much has already been said about Bastion in various places that there’s not much more I can add. The gameplay was part action-RPG, part top-down shooter. What really made the game shine, aside from the carefully woven storyline (which so easily could have been an afterthought in a game like this), were the adaptive narration and the sense of isolation imparted from the visuals.

That the narrator seemed to respond to what you were doing (who can forget the immortal “the kid just rages for a while”?) utterly defined what the game was about; telling a story with the player, rather than the silent lead character, at the forefront. Combined with the pieces of scenery falling into (or out of) place as you travel through the bright landscape, make the (completely decent in its own right) gameplay mechanics of moving and fighting almost incidental to everything else.


Your thoughts on this?