Double Fine Games Come to Mac

This is amazing: Double Fine’s body of work, including Psychonauts and Stacking is the subject of the latest Humble Bundle.

The so-called Humble Double Fine Bundle also includes Costume Quest and the forthcoming Broken Age, as well as recently de-consoled Brutal Legend. Notably absent is The Cave, but I’d be surprised if that isn’t added as a bonus later on.

Best of all, Mac (and Linux) versions are available for the lot. Yep, that means Brutal Legend is now available on Mac OS X (although Steam seems to be currently unaware of this fact).

The bundle is a bit pricier than usual, with the average (to unlock Brutal Legend) currently standing at $8.11, but it’s a great opportunity to get a bunch of great games on Mac for the first time ever. As usual, pay what you want, with a minimum of $1 for Steam keys, above the average for Brutal Legend, and $35+ for Broken Age (and $70+ to get a T-shirt).


Your thoughts on this?