Don’t Force It: Star Wars Pinball Announced

Do you:

  1. Like pinball?
  2. Like Star Wars?
  3. Own a Mac?
  4. Like sticking it to the Windows crowd?

For those of you who answered “yes!” to all those questions, prepare yourself for some good news.

Zen Studios, makers of

, have announced that the latest table collection will be based on Star Wars and will be released this month:

Each table features a different iconic moment from the Star Wars universe, with interactive 3D characters, and unique gameplay. With the first table release, players will take control of beloved characters such as Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. Players will also be able to post their scores to global leaderboards, experience in-game friend challenges, local hotseat, online multiplayer, and a host of other features.

It will be available via in-app purchase, adding 10 Star Wars themed tables to the game. Most intriguingly, there isn’t going to be a Windows version (at least not for a while, although there will be a Windows 8 marketplace version), making it one of those rare games you’ll actually need a Mac to play on (it will also be available on handhelds and consoles though).

Watch the trailer below to see it in action.

(via Polygon)


Your thoughts on this?