Defender’s Quest out on Steam and Gog

Tower defence extravagansa Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten is now available on Steam and

For anyone who pre-ordered the game from the official website, the developer says they are “99.99% sure I have confirmation from Steam that we will be able to give Steam keys”. But there’s more!

We’ve also decided to start bundling the soundtrack with every purchase of the game after October 30th. Currently we’re selling it as a $2 add-on to the regular game, but if we’re going to eventually raise the price we want to give everyone a little more for their money. I haven’t decided yet whether we’ll retroactively give the soundtrack to everyone who’s purchased the game at the lower price so far – I’ll talk to Anthony about that.

For the launch, we are desperately trying to finish a feature that got cut from the 1.0 launch – Azra’s Journal. This may or may not make it in for the launch, but will be available as a free update soon.  Another feature we’re working on is integrating the Steamworks SDK with the game so we can support things like achievements, which everybody’s been asking for. It is possible to integrate the Steamworks SDK with AS3, but it’s tricky, so again, this will probably happen eventually, and we want to do it before launch, but we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Trailer below.



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