Blizzard Hypes Trailer

Oh good grief.

Are you excited about the possibility of seeing a trailer in the future?

Blizzard certainly seems to think so, having sent out a mass email to its various followers to entice them to join them for the “reveal” of a trailer. Yes, a trailer:

Blizzard Entertainment is looking forward to sharing a new trailer, entitled “Vengeance”. The reveal will be a special online event happening on Twitch.TV that will feature:

  • The world premiere of the “Vengeance” trailer for Heart of the Swarm
  • Discussion on Heart of the Swarm and the making of “Vengeance,” with Blizzard developers
  • An exclusive Heart of the Swarm eSports showmatch casted by top commentators John “TotalBiscuit” Bain and Shaun “dApollo” Clark.

Yep, you too can join Blizzard in anticipation of a video in anticipation of a game, a sizeable chunk of which you’ve probably already played.


Your thoughts on this?