Leap in Spring

The Leap Motion Controller, the device that promises to bring Kinect-like functionality to Macs everywhere, got us a bit hot under the collar earlier this year.

At last, a price point and shipping date have been provided: people who pre-order will receive their units from May 13, whilst it will be available in US supermarket (I think that’s right, US friends?) Best Buy from May 19. Between now and then, you’ll need to squirrel away $79.99 to be able to call one your own. You’ll also need to be running at least Mac OS 10.7.

There’s (of course) going to be an App Store to go with this, which Leap Motion have dubbed Airspace. From there you can download free and paid-for apps that will take advantage of this new tech. Game support at this time is still limited, though Double Fine have made a “music game” called Dischord, and there’s the iOS favourite Cut The Rope.


Your thoughts on this?