Black, White and Golden: Crazy Hotel

Confession time: my desire to write about Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel may have been influenced by developer Red Little House Studio’s take on the Apple logo:



Aww. Anyway, the game itself continues this trend of looking deliciously gorgeous, a love letter to 1930s animation:

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel is a game set in the 30s, the sunset of the black and white era. The visual elements, the sound and especially the gameplay itself, will make the player feel like being another toon.

It’s to be an adventure game with some action elements, and the game is currently seeking backing on Indiegogo (though they’ve set it up so they only receive funds if they meet their target of €29,000) and are exploring the murky depths of Steam Greenlight.

(via RPS)


Your thoughts on this?