Avadon Series Continues with The Corruption

I’m still mid-way through Spiderweb’s affable Avadon: The Black Fortress, so haven’t felt in a position to post a comprehensive review on it yet. But for those of you who have completed the sprawling isometric RPG, you’ll be mighty pleased to know that Redbeard and buddies are to return in Avadon 2: The Corruption.

Details are a bit thin as to what’s new (and thus it will probably be a straightforward continuation rather than a rework of the game engine), but digging around in the forums revealed some more information provided by creator Jeff Vogel:

The pacing is a lot better, especially in the early game. It doesn’t take as long for interesting things to start happening.
I’m putting in a lot of desired tweaks. You will be able to enter zones from multiple directions (you can enter a zone through any exit you have reached). I’m evaluating giving more skill points as the game progresses to loosen up skills you can train a little.
There is a fifth character class, and male and female versions of all characters are available.
The game won’t be out until Fall, and I’m shooting for a simultaneous Mac and Windows release. We’re going to try to be on Steam again, of course.


Your thoughts on this?