Join us in our new forums

We’ve been a little slow on the uptake this week (not to mention having missed two episodes of our regular One Game column), but there’s a good reason.

Today we’ve rolled out a new version of Control Command Escape. We’ve focused on readability first and foremost, cutting out as much clutter as possible. So tech specs for games and things like that are now tucked away (they are still there though, don’t worry), we’ve made the default font a little bigger, cut down on the overall number of colours used, and made links to external sites a little more tidy.

Best of all, we’ve revamped our Mac games index to be more Mac-like, and well, a bit more fancy. Check it out!

Which brings me to the real cause for celebration: we now have our own, dedicated forum for Mac gamers! It’s a place where you can get people to help with Mac-related problems (not that there ever are any, of course), discuss games and deals, and arrange multiplayer battles with others.

It comes packed with a whole bunch of neat stuff that will make discussions easy and fun. It does come with a beta sticker for the time being, not just because it’s a new venture for us, but also because the software that powers it is still in early development. We’ve set up some initial categories, but we’re open to suggestions and feedback. I’ll be posting there a lot now, particularly for stuff that doesn’t quite warrant a post on our main site here, but is interesting nonetheless.

See you there!


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