2012 Apple Design Award winners

Deus Ex: Human Revolutions and Limbo were named as the two Mac games to win the 2012 Apple Design Awards at WWDC (and deservedly so, although it’s a pity Galaxy on Fire didn’t get a nod).

Deus Ex (pronounced “Day-us Ex”), is an incredibly rich and deep cyberpunk-themed action role-playing game now available on OS X. Set in 2027, Deus Ex immerses you in a futuristic world where you must save humanity from enslavement by the ruling mega-corporations. Available in seven languages, Deus Ex was chosen for an Apple Design Award because of its compelling game play, fantastic graphics, and enormous environments that immerse the player in a fantastic sci-fi world. Pushing OpenGL to the limits, Deus Ex leverages advanced shader techniques to deliver high-dynamic range lighting effects, and Open AL to deliver rich and complex audio soundscapes. It is one of the newest and most impressive AAA games on the Mac App Store.

Limbo is a spooky, dark, 2D side-scrolling puzzle/adventure for OS X that’s a whole lot of fun to play and an excellent example of a “video game as art”. Limbo earns an Apple Design Award for its minimal UI, unique and compelling graphics, strong narrative, fluid movements, simple controls, and strong integration with OS X’s graphics and audio technologies. Limbo is fine-tuned to take full advantage of OS X to deliver an excellent mix of performance, great sound design, and a dreamlike monochromatic visual environment with purposely out-of-focus backdrops and complex lighting.


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