Shelter for Mac OS X


A survival game where you guide a family of badgers in search of shelter, protecting them from starvation, predators, and other threats.

Shelter Impressions for Mac OS X

Shelter Impressions for Mac OS X
For a game about survival, it sure does start out as a unnecessarily obtuse mess. Within seconds of starting the game, you're a badger (followed by smaller badgers). You can move, rotate the camera, and that's about it. Clicking the mouse button causes the badger to open her mouth. The right mouse button does nothing. Trying to walk (is that even the right word to use?) through a gap in the wall towards the only interesting thing (a waterfall) doesn't work. Trying to go in the other direction caused the badger to growl and turn around. I experimented with everything for another 5 minutes, discovered that you can grab and drop a turnip to no real effect, and then quit the game. Then I thought maybe I was being too impatient, so instead I looked on the Steam forums and found other people just as clueless as me. It turns out that there's a collection of polygons at the start that represent a "hungry" badger, and you're supposed to give it the turnip. So there's the entirety of my problem with the game: why don't they just tell you?

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