Gone Home for Mac OS X


A first-person adventure about a young woman returning home from holiday and attempting to unravel a mystery.

Gone Home Review for Mac OS X

Gone Home Review for Mac OS X
Everything about Gone Home is about solving mysteries. This is nothing new, most adventure games are about solving mysteries, but in Gone Home it feels entirely different. Maybe it's the first-person nature of it, used to such great effect. It's a very tactile experience with hundreds of items can be picked up and closely examined. The vast majority of the time there's no need to do this, but it immerses you and makes you feel like you're investigating nonetheless. Behind each door is an immediate mystery: darkness. The challenge to just turn on a light in each room feels good, the second or so it takes to locate the light switch making it feel like you've accomplished something, no matter how minor, in this alien world, without ever straying into frustration.

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