Drox Operative for Mac OS X

Drox Operative Review for Mac OS X

Drox Operative Review for Mac OS X
Drox Operative is about piloting a ship around a galaxy, with the aim of conquering it indirectly: through forging alliances with powerful inhabitants or through other means (such as turning a hefty profit). You control a ship from a top-down (if there is such a thing in space) perspective, and at first glance it resembles Space Pirates and Zombies, albeit with many differences under the surface. Whereas Space Pirates and Zombies had you going from system to system, unlocking a series of warp gates along the way, it offered comparatively little to do within each system, which meant the game could quickly feel repetitive and grindy. In Drox Operative, you'll never feel short of things to do (quite the opposite in fact, but we'll come to that), and in truth a more apt comparison would be with (Windows-only) Space Rangers 2. It's an interesting, if problematic genre, one where the gameplay elements of exploration and shoot-em-up style combat, must be carefully balanced with missions, diplomacy and a sense of RPG-style progression.

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