Crusader Kings II for Mac OS X

Crusader Kings II Review for Mac OS X

Crusader Kings II Review for Mac OS X
Unlike the bulk of the games in the historic-strategy war game genre, Crusader Kings II offers so much more than simply raising your kingdom and conquering the world. The depth and richness of this game can’t possibly be accurately described. But picture this: you’re part of a gritty soap opera between the kingdoms of Europe and the Mediterranean during the feudal period then throw in dozens of presidential and military campaigns all going on simultaneously then mix it up with the ability to pursue every political, diplomatic, religious and social goal imaginable. I’m talking about asking questions like: I don’t like the Pope’s tax policies but want him as an ally, what do I do? Or should I force my youngest son to marry a paranoid 20 year-old woman just so I’d get on her hunchbacked father’s good side? It’s deep, immersive, punishing and rewarding all at the same time.

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    ktchpngn says:

    Great review! The game looks complicated, yet I would still put this on my list! 🙂 :-bd

    Lasnce says:

    Learning while playing, plus the passion factor at that. Very nice review! Yes, this game is sophistically exciting. To think gets you to the surface. To think harder gets you the gold. I’m hoping to get a copy of this very soon!

      Karlo says:

      Thank You! I hope you’ll enjoy the game as much as I did!

    Tonyrh says:

    Great game, too bad the OS X port is awful

    TheTiredOldFool says:

    I’m looking at getting this game but the complaints of lag have me worried. I really have no money for this and if I have to disable all the terrain I’d rather not have it at all. Essentially my question is this: has there been an update (or will there soon be one) that fixes these issues for mac? if not how does the pc version run? is there any chance i could get it to work on a pc that is so lame it cant play youtube without lag? i welcome all comments but if you don’t know please don’t respond, i don’t wanna waste my time money and energy.

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