Viva La Worms Revolution at Mac App Store

Worms Revolution has popped up at the Mac App Store (though sadly not anywhere else).

The latest in the invertebrate warfare simulator (and all around good party game) brings a lovely 2.5D aesthetic (all the aiming and so on is thankfully still in 2D), as well as some physics-based stuff that should appeal to angry birds fans, as well as a questionable class system. Destructoid’s Fraser Brown called it “good old psychotic fun”, though noting it wasn’t perhaps as revolutionary as the title might suggest.

Also note that this is billed as the “deluxe edition”, although is utterly unclear as to what that might mean, and it should come as no surprise to regular readers that developer Team 17 aren’t even interested in this release to warrant an entry about it on their own website.

(via One Click Mac)