The Fiction of the Clockwork Empires

Over on the Gas Lamp Games blog, you can read The Sad Tale of Shiveringhope: A Penny Dreadful Tale for All Hallows’ Eve. It’s wonderfully written, and gives a taste of the fictional universe that will form the basis of the upcoming Clockwork Empires:

Any man entering the mine, he remarked, would start to believe in the Holy Cog. A terrible madness gripped at one – the remnants of the gas, perhaps, or a sign of the unspeakable horror that occured there. Perhaps it was the presence of the Crustborer itself, always digging, always drilling ceaselessly, its dull rumbling vibrations echoing through the cavern. Perhaps it was the presence of the strange glowing rocks that the miners started to unearth – so hot to the touch that they had to carry them out with tongs, and so full of a wondrous and yet disquieting potential.

No release date has been set for Clockwork Empires.


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