Super Meatboy Galaxy Ransomed For Charity

Aubrey Hesselgren, the developer behind Super Meatboy, created a mashup of Super Meatboy and Super Mario Galaxy that found its way onto the internet last week, creating such a stir, that he’s “putting the prototype of for ransom“:

Releasing it as a “real” product, for money, has its own issues: I genuinely wouldn’t have the time to support it as it stands, and I haven’t the means or hours in the day to develop it further. And developing it further would be rather a case of “ill gotten gains”, since I’m riding the success of Tommy and Edmund’s fantastic game. Basically, if I could just make prototypes for the rest of my life, that’s what I’d do. All the sweet, none of the sour. But then, I’d never be able to charge for them, so it’s hardly realistic.

Ethically, and practically, I just can’t do anything with this project. Charitably, though…?

To that end, I will be releasing the Super Meat Boy Galaxy prototype. It’s going to cost you, though.

Donate to The Samaritans charity via Hesselgren’s JustGiving page, and:

I’ll release the Super Meat Boy Galaxy prototype for free as soon as my demands are met: raise 10,000 quid for The Samaritans, and the prototype will be released, free for all onto the internet.

Windows, Mac, and Linux (when I get around to it) builds will be available in one bundle.

Even if the £10,000 target is not met, he’ll still get a copy to everyone who donated.

(via RPS)


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