Stealth Bastard Detected on OS X

Living up to its name, Stealth Bastard (Deluxe edition) is now available in OS X flavours, right on Steam.

There’s nothing about this on the official website, but Steam is showing it as being Mac (and Linux) compatible, so that’s good enough for me.

I’ve dabbled about in the Windows version (2 minutes according to Steam…) and found it to be enjoyable, combining platforming with puzzle-solving in typical Indie game style, but with a bit more panache. Eurogamer’s Rich Stanton, whom I can only assume played it for longer than I, called it “within touching distance of greatness, and certainly much classier than Tactical Espionage Arsehole suggests”. Wise words indeed.

First impressions are that it seems to be a decent enough port, requiring OS 10.6+ and a gigabyte of RAM. Have a gander at the below trailer that I’ve stealthily snuck in below, bastard that I am.