Shake It, Baby: Duke Nukem 1+2 Available

Having not played the reportedly disastrous Duke Nukem Forever, I’ve been harking back to Duke’s glory days of heady, 2D side-scrolling action, when everything was simpler and the loveable misogynist even came with a jetpack.

So it’s to the rescue again, who bring us the welcome news that the much more highly regarded Duke Nukem 1+2 are now available for Mac:

Released in the early 1990s, the Duke Nukem 1+2 games defined the standards for the run-and-gun platformer genre on the PC. But not only that. They did much more. They started the career of one of the gaming’s most iconic heroes: Duke Nukem. Being great platformers on their own, full of creative level design, exceptional ideas, and tongue-in-cheek humor, they still provide bucketloads of prime entertainment. Before Duke Nukem went 3D, he totally rocked the 2D. Here’s your chance to see it for yourself!

It’s available now for $5.99.



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