Politically Correct: Democracy 3 Announced

What’s better than democracy? Democracy 3 of course! You’ve voted (with your collective wallets) and Positech Games have responded with a new version of their political strategy game:

A lot has changed in the world of politics since Positech first suffered the mental anguish of programming Democracy 2. We have had a global credit crunch and financial crisis, the occupy movement, the Arab spring, and mobile phones have got slightly smaller, then larger again.
Democracy 3 will be a massively improved and updated version of the game that will reflect changes in both gaming tastes and the world of politics. Despite sharing the basic GUI design of earlier games in the series, Democracy 3 is being built on a complete ground-up re-engineering of the custom-built neural network engine used to power the complex simulation beneath the hood of the game. Improvements will be equal parts graphical and simulation based, with greater freedom to use both private/free market solutions to problems as well as more accurate simulation of financial markets, voter cynicism and much more.
No firm release date (aside from “2013”) has been set, although it is likely the Mac version will have to wait in line after the PC release gets all the attention.

Your thoughts on this?