Gog’s Pick 5, Pay $10 Promo

Gog sure do love a good deal. By which I mean, they love deals, not that they love a lot (although they might for all I know). Anyway! Here’s how their Black Friday “Pick 5 Pay $10” promo works:

You pick 5 out of twenty fantastic indie games and pay $10 for them regardless of the game’s regular full price. That’s $2 per game, for such titles like Torchlight, Resonance, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Botanicula, Geneforge 1-5, Uplink, To the Moon, and many others. Seven of these games are both PC and Mac compatible, so everyone can enjoy!

So it’s combining a sale with a make-your-own-bundle. Might be a good way to get some bargains, and crucially, if you pick a game you already own on Gog, you get a giftable code. The promo runs until November 27th.


Your thoughts on this?