Evil Genius in Flurry of New Old Games from Gog

It’s been, what, a fortnight since the last Mac-related activity from Gog? Well good news folks, they’ve been busy, announcing 10 games to sink your single-button mice into.

Newly added to Gog’s Mac catalogue today are:

Goodness. I remember playing Strike Commander as a nipper, in-between bouts of my then favourite series (Wing Commander). Of course back then a joystick was something you just had to have, whereas now that’s largely fallen by the wayside in favour of Xbox and PlayStation controllers, but this news is really tempting me to get a joystick (although the sheer ridiculousness of the aesthetic of a desk with a joystick on it is a little off-putting).

Anyway, enough about me. I suspect many will be excited about management sim Evil Genius, others will have a soft spot for the Guilty Gears, and some of the more creaky amongst us can’t wait to get stuck into Syndicate Wars. Anything on the list whet your whistle? Let us know.