Don’t be without XCOM: Enemy Within in November

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is getting new DLC (yes, I know this isn’t news to anyone paying attention to Twitter). The new expansion will add new features and maps (though it won’t change how the base game plays out in any significant way). The standout addition is that you’ll be able to modify your squad with genetic and cybernetic upgrades, but there’ll also be some new mission types, enemy types, and “50% more maps”.

The best part of this is that the addon will be available to Mac gamers the same day as everyone else, November 12 (in the US at least, exasperated sigh). As far as I can tell, this is the first time Feral Interactive have sold separate DLC (as opposed to bundling it into the main game), and I’m glad to see them doing it so right: same day, same price ($29.99) as every other platform.

And for a change, Mac gamers get to feel a bit smug about all this, as console owners will have to buy the whole game again if they want to get their hands on the new stuff. The expansion can be bought via Steam, through In-App Purchase in the Mac App Store edition, or from other retailers (but you’ll need to buy it for the same platform as the base game).

For my money, I feel like my time on XCOM is done, playing through the same campaign and story for the third time in a row just doesn’t appeal to me for many of the same reasons The Scientific Gamer eloquently gave.


Your thoughts on this?