Democracy 3 Gets Democratic


Democracy 3, which as you may be aware is the sequel to the acclaimed political simulator Democracy 2, is counting up ballots as I write this and will be ready to reveal itself to us soon. But in the meantime, developer Positech has been checking polling data and following Steam’s Early Access lead, by offering the beta version of the game now to anyone who orders it directly from them as of right now, or just get angry and complain about the evil capitalism propaganda artwork:

This is, I hope, A pretty polished beta. It’s feature complete, it’s nice and shiny. It’s optimised. there may be bugs or balance issues, but I’m aware of none for the PC version, and only 2 or 3 minor visual anomalies in the mac & linux builds. For the first time ever I have a multi-platform simultaneous game release. Oh yeah.

And in case you’re adamant about having the game securely in your Steam library, ordering direct will still get you a Steam key when it’s available.


Your thoughts on this?