Celebrate 30 Years of Mac with Discounts

It’s been 30 years since people started gaming on Macs. That’s a long time. This hasn’t been lost on many publishers either, with some great deals going on right now.

Aspyr 30 Years of Mac and 30% Off Sale

Aspyr Media’s entire catalogue, including BioShock: Infinite, Borderlands 2 and all DLC, is 30% off to celebrate 30 years of Mac. This extends across the Mac App Store, or buy direct from the GameAgent Store if you want the Steam editions (hint: you probably do).

Gog.com Time Machine Sale

The notorious Mac-fanatics of Gog.com are also getting in on the act, with deep discounts across hundreds of DRM-free games in their “time machine sale“. Gog are trying something new for this sale, with everyone able to vote on whether to keep each deal going for longer or just get on with the next one. Both classic and newer titles will be on sale, and I’m told the “majority” of sale titles to be offered are Mac-compatible.


Your thoughts on this?