Boxer 1.4 To Bring Back DOS Printing

Ok, so this is a little weird. According to Alun “Boxer” Bestor, the next version of the seminal DOS emulator will feature the ability to, er, print, just like in the 90s:

Boxer 1.4 emulates a 24-pin dot matrix parallel printer, compatible with the IBM PPDS and Epson ESC/P2 printer languages popular in the DOS heyday. This means any DOS app can print text; any DOS app with drivers for IBM ProPrinter or Epson LX/LQ-series printers (including Word, Works, WordPerfect and others) can print graphics too. Authentically shitty graphics, as you can see — just like the old days

The way it works is a little bit strange (due some limitations of how printers used to work). Basically it will show you an animated preview showing the data to be printed, and you can choose to “print or discard the pages so far – or you can keep printing more pages to add to the print job. Once you’re ready, hit Print and Boxer will wrap it up as a print job and hand you over to the OS X print panel”. Bestor also adds that the purpose of this was “Design By Narcissism” rather than any pressing need. Still it’s a fun addition to what Ars Technica called “absolutely the application to use, period”.



    Dirk Zoettl says:

    A working DOS Printer could really help me to run an old DOS ERP program on OS X. The software is running but entering new data requires printing an invoice. Currently in Boxer 1.3.2 the program freezes where it tries to print.

    Ninja Foodstuff says:

    The only option you have is to build it from source. Or drop Alun an email.

Your thoughts on this?