13 Minutes of Star Command

Kickstarter-funded Star Command is hotly anticipated, what with the success of FTL and all. With the original estimated release date of “October 2012” about to float past, there’s still no word on a firm release date.

However, you can see how it’s shaping up via the video the developers have posted (below). Sadly it features footage from the iPad version rather than desktop, but given the art style, we’re probably not missing much. Some people will probably be put off by the fixed-size rooms, but the division of science/engineering/tactical crew-member stats and customisation options might make up for it. Graphically it looks kind of simplistic, but it also has a great deal more animation and aesthetics than FTL (which, as it turned out, didn’t really need any of that stuff anyway), although it seems like an odd decision not to show the destruction of the enemy ship. The combat is less tactical than FTL, with simplistic looking mini-games to determine whether your attacks score a hit or not. The quest system on the other hand, seems a lot more fleshed out.

Yes, it seems I can’t help comparing this to FTL. What can I say? FTL has clearly spoiled me.In any case, Star Command is shaping up to be quite interesting, and it’s clear that the developers are infusing it with some humour amidst all the Trek fan service. Whether this will make a successful transition from iOS remains to be seen, and of course we’ll have full coverage once it’s out.


Your thoughts on this?