Towns for Mac OS X

Towns Review for Mac OS X

Towns Review for Mac OS X
You are responsible for managing a small colony, trying to build a town above a dungeon filled with evil creatures. To do this, you assign tasks to your townsfolk (there's no direct control over them here) and let them get on with it. This means getting them to chop trees, harvest plants, till fields and construct buildings. With these raw materials and buildings in place, you can then construct tools with which to build more advanced items, food, decorations and armaments. Each citizen can be outfitted with weapons and armour, and in fact doing so is essential to ensure they aren't all wiped out by critters roaming around the map. Citizens can be converted into soldiers, at which point they'll no longer do any work and instead stand around waiting to come to a citizen's aid (you can also put them on patrol or have them "supervise" citizens' work, in which case the citizens will become more productive but less happy). The happiness of your townsfolk is one of the most important things to manage. Having a happy town will cause new immigrants to join your town, thus making it bigger and able to produce more stuff.

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