Might & Magic X – Legacy for Mac OS X


A first person turn-based RPG in the spirit of previous games in the Might & Magic series.

Might & Magic X – Legacy Review for Mac OS X

Might & Magic X – Legacy Review for Mac OS X
The Might & Magic series goes back almost 30 years, a series of high fantasy role-playing games spanning (now) eleven games as well as a number of spin-offs including the venerable Heroes of Might & Magic strategy RPG series, as well as a number of mobile titles. None of these games have graced modern Macs (indeed, the last Might & Magic game released for Mac was Might & Magic V: World of Xeen in 1995), so this is especially notable (more so when you consider that it's published by Ubisoft, who seem to have all but abandoned Mac OS X in recent years, at least until the recent release of Rayman Origins). Of particular interest is that the Mac version of the game (which is only available through Steam) has been unshackled from the dreaded Uplay that drew much criticism for the Windows version. Something I don't get to say very often: this makes the Mac version of the game the definitive one to get.

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