GhostControl Inc. for Mac OS X


Take control of a ghost-busting business in this turn-based tactical strategy.

GhostControl Inc. Impressions for Mac OS X

GhostControl Inc. Impressions for Mac OS X
I spent a good few hours playing GhostControl Inc. I may have barely scratched the surface in that time, meaning it might be drastically different by the end, but one thing's for sure: I can't bring myself to play any more. A series of problems got me to the point where I can't muster enough interest to continue. These were not bugs, but issues with the way the game is presented. Many, many of these can be patched out, and I want to stress that there have been frequent updates in the period since I started playing, but I think my confidence in the game's ability to entertain me has been broken. As such, don't treat this as a full review.

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