Castle of Illusion for Mac OS X


A re-imagining of the Sega Genesis classic, which sees Mickey Mouse platforming through the eponymous castle on a quest to rescue Minnie from the witch Mizrabel.

Castle of Illusion Review for Mac OS X

Castle of Illusion Review for Mac OS X
If you were rocking a Sega Mega Drive back in the early 90s, the chances are good that you spent some time with Castle of Illusion, a 2D platformer starring Mickey Mouse, and spanning a number of colourful environments. At the time it was doing battle with the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario, but it managed to carve out a place in history nonetheless. Fast-forward 24 years, and a 3D remake is available on Mac OS. A lot has changed in that time, both culturally and technologically, so the remake has got its work cut out for it.

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