Broken Age for Mac OS X


Double Fine’s Kickstarted return to point-and-click adventure gaming results in Broken Age, where the player controls two characters in two different settings.

The first part (of two) of Broken Age is available, with the second as a free update later in the year.

Broken Age (Act One) Review for Mac OS X

Broken Age (Act One) Review for Mac OS X
In the two years since Double Fine essentially kickstarted Kickstarter-funded games development, I've come to realise something: I just don't enjoy point-and-click adventure games any more. Maybe I've become less patient, or maybe I just expect more from gaming, but the result is the same every time I sit down to play one: eventually I get bored. There have been exceptions, for instance I've greatly warmed to TellTale's recent story-heavy, gameplay-light glut of games, but nothing released lately that conforms to the traditional point-and-click recipe has grabbed me, despite being perhaps the best vehicle for pure storytelling in a game.

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