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Amanita Design is well known for its Samarost and Machinarium games. The unique, hand-drawn art style applied to an easy to grasp point-and-click adventure game has been successful for them so far, and Botanicula is no exception.

As well as being (so far) the only Mac game to capture my fiance’s attention for more than a few minutes, it is utterly charming. It follows the adventures of a little band of insect-like creatures who journey around and help out the inhabitants of a strange plant world.

The gameplay is as follows: you search the screen for things to click, click on it, wait and see what happens, and occasionally squeal with delight when something does. That’s pretty much all there is to it, and it’s a great experience.


There’s no real settings to speak of, but the game it’s smooth, sounds great and looks great, so it doesn’t really matter. The only minor gripe is that it doesn’t completely fill an HD monitor, but again, you probably won’t care.

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