Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty DLC for Mac OS X

The first thing to say about Pirate’s Booty is that I very nearly missed it. At level 15, a new fast travel location “Oasis” opens up, and if there’s any notification to tell you this, I missed it. It’s not a problem though, as the associated Pirate’s Booty quests will scale to whatever level you happen to be, meaning that perhaps the best time to do them is when you have little else to do.

Upon arriving in Oasis, you’ll notice the new enemy types. I say “new”, but they are basically bandits reskinned with a pirate theme. Not that there’s anything wrong with this; it made me chuckle when I realised that the “Cabin Boy” enemy was a Shotgun Midget with a wooden leg. Everything pirate-related has been used as source material for the DLC, from messages in bottles, to buried treasure, and even software piracy. Most importantly, it’s all enjoyable stuff and doesn’t feel like a quick cash-in.

There are many new quests and areas that open up, and it took me around 8 hours to complete, with only a brief look at some of the optional quests available, so completionists will find  many more hours to enjoy. After completing the new story missions, a couple of new raid bosses unlock (best tackled in a group), which give access to new “pink” class of items.

But long before you get to that stage, you’ll encounter a new set of oddball characters (including the titular Miss Scarlett herself), unlock a new vehicle type to use (one which handles wonderfully), and discover a great many guns with unique properties. The pirate theme can make from a welcome break from all the bandits and robots of the base game, but there’s nothing that significantly alters the game in a meaningful way.

If you want more Borderlands 2, this is for you: it’s got more guns, more boss fights, more places and more witty banter.

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