What’s in a Name?

As of today we’re shedding the skin of our former Mac-Gamer.net moniker and once we’ve stepped out of the internet-based chrysalis, we’ll hence forth be known as “Control Command Escape” (or if you prefer, ^⌘⎋). Our new web address will be http://www.controlcommandescape.com (or if you prefer, http://ctrlcmdesc.com).

All of our previous mac-gamer.net based links should continue to work, albeit by redirecting to the new address.

But why?

Mac-Gamer.net was always meant to be a temporary name, as it’s a bit cumbersome. We feel that the new name better reflects the personality of the site, whilst still having one foot firmly planted in Mac-related jargon. We’ll still have our laserlike focus on the latest and greatest Mac Games, with plenty more of those coming very soon.


Your thoughts on this?