The Card Hunt Begins in September

When I looked at Card Hunter a while ago, I was greatly impressed by how much it had achieved in spite of its browser-based, free-to-play roots. Although I enjoyed my time with it, I’ve not returned to its cardboard embrace as the prospect of account wipes had put me off.

But the good news for me (as well as anyone who hasn’t gotten into the beta) is that the final account wipe is just around the corner. In a blog post, the developers announced they are taking the game “live” on September 12:

To celebrate the launch of the game, we’re running a special promotion. Jump into Card Hunter at launch and get the new Basic Edition! The Basic Edition contains everything you need to get started, including all the single-player content, extra figures, Club membership and more. If you haven’t already started playing, the Basic Edition is a great way to get into the game.

They’re keen to point out that the prolonged beta period was to allow stress-testing of the servers (they had 40,000 people as part of the beta test), but taking the game live doesn’t mean it’s the end:

We very much intend to keep working on the game and will update you with our plans as we go. We have big ideas for improving Card Hunter. In the future will be more cards, more items, more adventures and many more things beyond!

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