Stop Zombie Mouth – Get Plants Vs Zombies Free

Popcap, in association with the American Dental Association have just launched Stop Zombie Mouth in an attempt to redefine what a Halloween treat can be, by giving games instead of candy.

The coupons can be downloaded and printed now in time for Halloween but are only redeemable between October 30th – November 10th on the Stop Zombie Mouth website. Alternatively you could ask your local dentist has the limited-edition, collectible Plants vs. Zombies™ trading cards with the code for a free Plants vs. Zombies download game.

[Editor’s note: The small print says that the offer is only valid in the US (presumably because the American Dental Association who is sponsoring this has no value anywhere else in the world), but it’s unclear as to how that will be enforced (if at all). I also rather suspect that this will require activation via an Origin account, although that’s not said anywhere.]


Your thoughts on this?