Steam Rival Origin Debuts on Mac, SimCity delayed

Origin have just announced that the Mac client of their digital distribution platform Origin is in alpha, and ready people (in the US and UK only) to download.

Origin for Mac will be launching soon, and starting today we’re offering you the opportunity to take it for a spin before the official release (UK fans click here) .This open alpha will only be available to a few thousand users in North America and the United Kingdom, so don’t wait—download your copy of our new Mac client (alpha build) today.

The client currently only supports Popcap’s “Bookworm” (which is being given away free to sweeten the deal), and in any case the download links appear (here in the UK at least) to be broken (or maybe I’m just too late UPDATE: it appears to work in Safari, but not Chrome). Let’s just hope they’re not going to delete your account if you hear about a bug in the software.

In other news, the Mac version of SimCity is to be delayed, and will not launch on March 5th.

(via Macrumors)



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