OS 10.8.3 to have improved Graphics Drivers, ATI 7000 support

Apple yesterday released the beta version of OS 10.8.3, with “graphics drivers” as one of the “focus areas” (Apple don’t provide change logs for beta updates). Users on the Macrumors forums are claiming newer Intel graphics drivers (8.10.18 from 8.0.61), whilst Netkas is claiming driver support for ATI 7000 series cards. Netkas forum user Rominator, who discovered the ATI driver support, also claims to have gotten the ATI 7970 to work with OS 10.8.3, and will be providing full details soon.

So far there have been no reports on the state of the Nvidia drivers, and the Apple Developer website is currently down for maintenance so we’re unable to verify any changes for ourselves. We’ll post a follow-up as soon as we have more information.

Other focus areas of 10.8.3 include AirPlay, AirPort, and Game Center.

UPDATE: Nvidia drivers are indeed updated too, and are now at version 8.10.18 (304.10.65a13). However, OpenCL performance has decreased, with a LuxMark score on our system at 628 (down from 1072). Game Center now has a new “Challenges” tab.



    a Martin says:

    I think there will be quite some focus on Nvidia driveris too – thinking about the MacBook Pro’s and the soon to be avaliable Imacs.

    Ric @ macgamerhq.com says:

    Thanks for the updated!
    I think graphics drivers remain one of the biggest issues with Mac gaming…. I mean, I love the fact that my Nvidia 6xx works out of the box, but I hate it that games still run 30% better on windows using bootcamp….

    I wonder if ATI will do any better.

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