Look at me when I’m charging you: Krieg and Ultimate Vault Hunter DLC

As noted previously, the next Borderlands 2 DLC will feature a new playable character, and a level cap increase. The specifics have now emerged from Gearbox software: the new character is a psycho named Krieg who will be available for $9.99 (and is not included in the season pass) and has a “Blood Axe Rampage” skill, along with “Bloodlust”, “Mania” and “Hellborn” skill trees, available for the Windows version in May, with the Mac (Steam) version presumably to get the DLC shortly after). Watch the trailer below for a glimpse into madness.

As for the level cap increase, the new level cap will be 61 (with an additional skill point gained at each level), with new “Pearlescent”-rarity loot making a reappearance (along with “Ancient” relics) but only available via a $4.99 DLC (but included as part of the season pass). Hmm.

Better news is that there’ll be a new “Ultimate Vault Hunter” mode added as part of a free update (to be rolled out for the Windows version on April 2nd, again with the Mac (Steam) version to follow). The new mode will allow you to play through the game for a third consecutive time (retaining all levels, skill and loot), provided you are at level 50. Thankfully the new mode will skip the tutorial levels, starting you in the Southern Shelf, and Loot Midgets will drop Legendary-grade loot.

In the meantime, here’s another Shift code (via Orcz):


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