Killing Floor Summer Sideshow Pier of Pain

There must be something wrong with me that I get a little flutter of pleasure from typing those words: Summer Sideshow Pier of Pain.

Anyway, as regular as clockwork Steam sales, Killing Floor is back with a Summer event, again set in circus carnival, and featuring all manner of unspeakable evils:

Those crazy circus freaks have infested the world of Killing Floor once again for the Summer Sideshow: Pier of Pain event, hosted in Ringmaster Lockheart’s Steamland. And this time they’ve brought a completely new game type with them – Objective Mode. But that’s not all! We have a whole pile of extras for you all, for NO money down.

Said extras include a new “objective mode”, with gameplay ripped from the cold dead hands of Brink, as well as the usual splattering of unlockables and some new DLC packs. The event runs until July 23rd, and the game itself is free from now until the 11th.